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  • May 29, 2019
    CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY.                                                                                                                  “Any Activity which does not have its heart at the right place will never bear Fruits.” I believe this is the best opportunity, and  I am glad to write this article while playing a major role in the very first Product launch of the Legalnextt. LegalNextt is basically focusing on the Development and Upskilling of Legal Fraternity, Practice Management platform and a stepping stone towards Public Legal Education.  In addition to this, I take this opportunity to tilt it towards the Development of Social Corporate world unlike other social forums like ADR and Lok Adalats in Public Legal domain. With Indian Corporate fraternity facing mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility inclusion of laws, there is a greater need to concentrate and analyze various basic aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility and its provisions. Corporate Social Responsibility is also called Corporate Citizenship or Corporate Responsibility.  Generally, CSR is understood to be the way firms integrate social, environmental, economic concerns into their values, culture, decision making, strategy and operations in a transparent and accountable manner and thereby establish better practices within the Legal firms, create wealth and improve society. Corporate Social Responsibility can be explained as : Corporate: Organized Business. Social: Everything dealing with people. Responsibility: Accountability between the two. The Draft Guiding Principles of CSR Policy has been issued by the Ministry of Company Affairs which reads, “CSR is a way of conducting business, by which corporate entities visibly contribute to the social good. Socially responsible companies do not limit themselves by using resources to engage in activities that increase only their profits. They use CSR to integrate economic, environmental and social objectives with the Company’s operations and growth.” The new Companies Act gives complete freedom to the Companies to decide on the factors which they would like to contribute to the Society. The Act does not even talk about any other stringent monitoring mechanisms for keeping a check on their activities, rather just mandates the company would to submit Reports on their CSR Activities. However, the new Companies Act, 2013 seeks to provide that every such company shall constitute the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee in their respective Boards. A CSR initiative for eradicating poverty in the light of providing the Legal services for the actual needy, and taking up cases for them, helping them resolving disputes through settlements, etc, would be a major contribution in social responsibility. LegalNextt takes up these responsibilities as an opportunity in these areas where social public help is particularly required and also in promoting Legal campaigns to be run across the country. This is could be one of the game changers to develop the social contribution and upliftment of the downtrodden in the Legal domain.
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