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  • May 01, 2020
    Opposition on Jurisdiction extension of CAT The decision to extend the Jurisdiction of CAT, Chandigarh, to UT of J&K for addressing the service matters, being opposed by many lawyers, National Conference & J&K Apni Party. Jammu based Advocate Naseem tweeted, “Shifting of all pending service-related matters from both wings of the High Court in Jammu and in Kashmir to the CAT will hit the advocates of the Union Territory in particular and the public in general... Ironically, the worst sufferers are those who had welcomed the abrogation of the special status of the erstwhile State” Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, President of Apni Party said this decision would influence around 30,000 matters. “Instead of establishing two tribunals, one in Jammu and the other in Srinagar, for the aggrieved employees of J&K, shifting these service matters to the CAT, Chandigarh, for adjudication is simply a travesty of justice,” Syed Mohammad Read more- https://shataxiamicuslex.blogspot.com/2020/05/opposition-on-jurisdiction-extension-of.html
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  • May 01, 2020
    Orissa HC directed state govt. to exigent the probe into a death of Syed Abdul hassan: Dialysis denied, after being identified as Muslim Orissa Hc directed state govt. to exigent the probe into a death of Syed Abdul hassan, living in a Cuttack region. He was having kidney disease and as such was regularly on dialysis. But during lockdown, the same was denied to him in private hospital after him identified as muslim. “The State shall also ensure that no person is denied treatment of any ailment by any hospital of Government or private, if such facility is available with the hospital or if not available to refer him to appropriate hospital where such facility is available. However, such treatment must be guided by the guidelines/instruction given in the wake of Covid-19 pandemic by the State Government.” – said by the justices Shatrughan Pujahari and KR Mohapatra. Read more- https://shataxiamicuslex.blogspot.com/2020/05/orissa-hc-directed-state-govt-to.html
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  • Aug 14, 2019
    The e-commerce sector has boosted with a rocket speed in India. As per the estimated stats, the business is running at $2.3 billion and slates to grow at $38 billion in the coming 5 years. Flipkart, eBay, Amazon, and many other e-commerce sites have more than 250 million strong internet user base in our country. Setting up an e-commerce start-up has become easier. But one thing we need to understand is the taxes. If you are selling products and services you need to be ready to pay taxes on them.   Three taxes which an online customer must know are mentioned below:    Service Tax The government uses Service Tax for service-oriented businesses. The list of taxable services, that was limited to just 3 in 1994, has grown rapidly to a number of 114 today. This rate is increasing with a boost and hence the government has decided to go the other way and bring out a list of ‘non-taxable services’, rather than accounting for each service. Sales Tax Sales tax is levied on the sale of a commodity (Product), which is produced/imported and sold for the very first time. If the product is sold subsequently without being processed further, it is omitted from the sales tax. The sales tax in India is levied under the authority of both the Central Government Legislation and the State Government Legislation. Value Added Tax Value Added Tax - VAT applies only to the sale of ‘goods’. The pretext in the “value” refers to the modifications made to a product before it is sold to the customer. A company dealing with ‘services’, like Ola, or OLX will not have to pay VAT since they are just facilitators of a particular service.   With the guarantee of the empowering generation growth, this business will expand and expand and so will the taxes.
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